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  • About CPUSH

    The story behind

    We continuosly receive notifications from our smartphones; it's the modern world requiring an online and always-on approach. That's why being notified and reacting quickly is so important and your apps are asking you the permission to appear in your notification center.


    But with so many messages you can lose the ones really important for you, and when you see something interesting, it could be great to have a quick reaction in a snap.


    CPUSH is solving this problem.

    Never miss an important message and act immediately just pressing a button.


    It's an extremely small and cool object pluggable in your Android phone; no need to wear something, no need to recharge it overnight. 


    CPUSH is designed to be always with you.


    Below the coloured cap there's a red light and a hidden button.

    The light is your personal notification center; if it's switched on, something important is happening.

    The button is your personal assistant, press it and make an immediate action.


    You can receive up to 3 different notification and you can make up to 3 different actions.


    It's up to you. Choose what CPUSH can do for you.

  • How we did it

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  • Developers

    CPUSH is an open platform.

    There's an entire universe of possibility for creating original apps.

    The SDK

    We have the CPUSH Software Developer Kit (SDK) to integrate our device with your application.

     Just create the CPUSH object into your code and start controlling it with our complete set of APIs.

    At this time, you can get full API support, sample codes and suggestions, contacting us at info@mycpush.com or sending us your e-mail.